WHO I AM - My name's Rachel - but you can call me Rach. I'm a 24 year old wedding and elopement photographer based in the midwest. I believe in creating art that is timeless, art that will never go out of style the same way you two won't. I believe that's best done by editing with natural tones and shooting in beautiful outdoor landscapes. I love my job and I hold each of my couples so dear to my heart. When I photograph weddings I keep one thing in the back of my mind, and that is that these are moments and memories you're going to look through and cherish for the rest of your days. Life is but a breath + someday some of these loved ones won't be here with us any more and these images are going to be priceless moments in your history that you wouldn't give up for the world. These images are going to be shown to your kids, and someday your grand children. These aren't just images from your wedding, they're so much more than that. This is how I go into your wedding day, I want to capture the moments that you're there for and moments you're not. I want to photograph the messy stuff, and the perfectly imperfect stuff. I want your wedding gallery to represent your family, not just the decor you spent time envisioning and the venue you paid a left leg for. I want your gallery to represent the most important part of that wedding day, and that is two families becoming one - two people making a beautiful commitment to love and cherish each other forever more - this is the core of your wedding day - this is the beauty behind marriage. Here’s my vow to you. I will make it my number one goal to serve you and your family. I will give your 100% of myself , and I will give you timeless mementos of your loved ones that will last a lifetime.
Trust me to document your love story

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