There's a lot to learn in the world of photography, and there's a lot that will make your job a lot easier the sooner you learn it! Let's get together to help better your business.

for more information about mentoring with me, shoot me an email because I'd love to help. I wish I had options like this when I was first learning, and I wish I had the guts to reach out and ask for help. - trust me, this is going to be so good for your business. photography itself is a huge investment, you as a photographer and business owner need all the tools necessary to run it successfully; you and your clients deserve it!

“My mentor session with Rachel was so so helpful! As a photographer who wants to expand my work to weddings and couples, I struggle with directing two or more people and building a personal relationship with the people I’m photographing. Rachel is not only a great artists, she has a beautiful personality and is so easy to be comfortable with. Rachel directed me throughout our mentor shoot and gave me space to shoot while she watched. She allowed me to see the importance of socializing with the couple and allowing them to feel relaxed and be themselves. Photography is more than just posing and shooting. Rachel’s work in action taught me so much and I am very thankful for her!!! I would recommend any level of photographer to do a mentor session with her! We can always learn so much from each other.”

Zaina Mahmoud



one on one mentoring - $200.00 /hr

One on one mentoring via FaceTime or over coffee to cover anything and everything you'd like to discuss about your business! What kind of things will you learn about?

Advertising, posing ideal clients, contracts, emailing clients, connecting with clients in a professional and powerful way, building a strong portfolio, how to book more clients, pricing, creating a strong pricing guide etc. also includes discussing editing, however we will not go over my exact settings but instead narrow in on your processes!


one on one shoot - $500.00

full styled couple shoot we will photograph together + time spent after over coffee or beer where we will talk about everything business and editing (and any questions you would have) during the shoot we'll go over posing, how to direct both models and clients, how to work with all kinds of lighting while creating genuine art. this is my favorite to do with students, I strongly believe in hands on learning (that's how I best learn) so this is the best option for learning photographers!