"mermaid hair" // being good to your head!

what's mermaid hair? well it's a type of hair i strive for each and every day. (ps: I'm obsessed with mermaids) so when i invasion a mermaid's hair, i image it being super healthy and gorgeous. even though realistically it would be a big knot...

people ask me often what it is I do to my hair, what i use to style it or whatever... and my answer is always simple; i never really wash my hair + i use products that take good care of it.

remember the "no shampoo phase"? well, if you don't or don't even know what the heck I'm talking about; the no shampoo phase was when everyone found out how damaging washing your hair can actually be! So me and one of my friends hopped on the "no poo" wagon. Where you wash your hair when it needed to be washed, and you didn't use shampoo...

you used.. wait for it.... baking soda. ew... and what did we use for conditioner?? Apple cider VINEGAR. now that I'm done with this phase i can understand how unclean it all was. sure it might have been 100% better than using commercial brand products but ummm ew.... (+ i understand it DOES work for some people, but not me...) after like 6 months of doing this, i tried so hard to wait for the amazing results. the gorgeous mermaid hair... but it never came. instead, heavy, gunk filled hair came. It got so bad my mom made me let her wash my hair over the kitchen sink. she had to shampoo it twice.. like it was that bad.. but omg once my hair was dry it felt normal and clean and mermaid-ie again. 

what did i take away from this experience !? Well, It is a fact that the MAJORITY of the shampoos we use are not good for your hair what so ever. Are there good sulfate free shampoos ? YES. Is it still harmful, depending on the shampoo, Yes. BUT there's something called Damage control. I stopped washing my hair everyday, because washing your hair everyday is so unnecessary and strips the healthy natural oils from your hair. which isn't good and leaves your hair vulnerable and super dry/brittle. I no joke wash my hair like... one or two times a week. So no you probably shouldn't hop on the "no poo" train, but you should definitely consider slowly lowering the amount of times a week you wash your hair. 

SO....I totally struggle with dry hair and dry skin; so if you're like me.. here's some products i've fallen in love with.

ARGAN OIL. (moroccan oil)  Oh my gosh, not only does this stuff work like thick liquid magic, but it smells like heaven. I use this on my hair when it's wet every time i get out of the shower. I put a few drops of it in my hands, flip my hair over.. and go to town with it. (learned quickly that you should avoid putting it near your bangs or roots, this just makes your hair look like it hasn't been washed in decades.) 

COCONUT WATER- I got this coconut water hair and body spray from Anthropologie. this stuff also smells like magic. and also moisturizes the heck outta the ends of my hair like no other. I use this stuff when my hair is wet or dry. 

ALSO; key advice. DON'T brush your hair when it's wet. its so bad for it and it strains your hair. always brush your hair when it's dry. Keep in mind i also never put heat on my hair. I probably curl and straighten it like 15-20 times a year.... so this also has a huge effect on why my hair does what it does!

ULTRA REPAIR CREAM. I've always struggled with dry skin. no joke i would get eczema on my eye lids. that's how bad it was. (summer isn't as horrible). so i've gone through so many face moisturizers and i've never found anything i was 110% in love with. until last year when some lady got me to buy First Aid Beauty's; Ultra Repair Cream. THIS STUFF is the bees knees. No joke; after one day i already saw a major difference in the dry patches all over my stupid face... 

POSSIES; Bath and Body Oil. #treatyoself this stuff smells like heaven and makes me feel heavenly as well. I put this basically all over my body right after i get out of the shower and it makes my skin so soft and look less like "Michigan winter skin". 

01 ALL IN ONE MILK; This stuff is an awesome leave in conditioner i Use on my hair occasionally after the shower. (substitute for the moroccan oil) - made by davines

R+CO DALLAS THICKENING SPRAY; This stuff is all the rage. Well, to people like me who never really put heat on their hair. BUT when i do, i think I'm killing my hair. so i gotta protect it... this stuff helps a lot. I spray it in my towel dried hair before i blow dry it, or i leave it in there until it's dry enough to curl / straighten it. also makes my hair look thicker.  also; you gotta check out this entire brand - and all their products. they're seriously amazing.

Hopefully this helped some fellow ladies struggling with the michigan winter blues ... Also; good products aren't cheap. and cheap products aren't good. Invest into your skin and your hair. It makes a world of a difference. 

be blessed !