alabaster house // awakening

my little brother Jacob is in the process of getting ready to graduate, leave his high school and leave his bible study he created and led off to someone whom he trusts. this is huge for him. he loves these people so much and cares so deeply for his high school. 

each thursday night at 7 pm, he hosts a prayer and worship night at this little church in pinckney. him and a few good friends/family all gather together, pray over each other, share their hearts and worship jesus. these kids blow me away... their adoration and excitement. it's so encouraging seeing young high school students so on fire and devoted to the Father. these kids inspire me, my brother inspires me and i hope he inspires others as well. 

as i listened to these young kids share their hearts and things they're struggling with, it seriously put me in awe. where we're kids like this when i was going to school? the truth is they were probably there, it just requires a leader to get these kids to push them selves and get stuff like this rolling. 

Jacob's been an awesome leader at Pinckney high school. he's pushed himself, and he's pushed others in the same direction. He's preparing to embark on another big adventure; IHOP one thing internship. 6 months he'll be spending in MO at the International House of Prayer. I'm super excited for this kid+ I'm so very proud of the young man he's become/becoming.