sammie + lennon // styled bridal shoot

This was so much fun to orchestrate! I had some of the most talented people collaborate with me. Everything turned out so much more beautiful than i anticipated. I couldn't have pulled it off without my vendors. 

Hair: Alayna Frantjeskos - this lady is the magic behind my own hair. She's so gifted when it comes to hair.

Makeup: Rachel Richardson- I've known this talented artist for a long time now and her work never ceases to amaze me and many others.

Cake: Pam Cova- Pam blew me away, She was such a breeze to work with and her cakes are seriously so delicious (and I'm not a cake person) but I am when it comes to her cakes!

Florist; Rachel Brumley- This lady is gifted in the arts of fresh flowers! The bouquet was even more beautiful than I expected and I'm so blessed to have worked with her.

Groom: Lennon Kyriakoza- I've known lennon for a while, and I adore his family. He did me such a huge favor by being the "groom" in our shoot. He did excellent and I was so excited when he agreed! hahah 

Bride: Sammie Schnieder- This BEAUTIFUL woman is a good friend of mine. She's the sweetest lady and I'm so glad she was our bride! She did wonderfully and she was effortlessly beautiful in each image. 

Again, Thanks to everyone who helped pull this off. It was so fun and It helped me so much.