2018 was my first year traveling for "work". I visited some of the coolest places... New Orleans, Arizona, Utah, Switzetland, Italy, Colorado.. doesn't even seem real that I got to do that in a matter of a summer. It was such a blessing and changed my business in the best way possible. I got to do what i loved along side traveling, which i also love. Traveling is more than a perk in my business, its a skill.

so seriously, take me anywhere.

These are places I would love to explore with you. The places I've already been to are highlighted which means I've scouted out some epic locations just for you.

-Within the US-
Moab, UT

Sedona, AZ

Phoenix, AZ

Denver, CO

New Orleans, LA

Yosemite, CA

Glacier National Park, MT

Olympic National Park, WA

Bonneville Salt Flats, UT

Island In the Skye, UT

Channel Islands, CA

White Sand Dunes, NM

Zion National Park, UT

Crater Lake, OR

-Outside the US-

Zermatt, Switzerland

Milan, Italy

Barcelona, Spain